More than 40 years of innovation ...

Because your clients are demanding,
Because the look of your product quality is important,
You protect your surfaces from dust, marks, scratches, splinters. During processing operations (drilling, cutting, bending, stamping, etc ...) but also during handling, storage or transport.

But for optimum application, it is necessary that your protective film is applied to your surfaces with adequate machine to avoid wrinkles, bubbles, apply with equal pressure, manage the tensions of the film and increase productivity.

SOMERRA designs and manufactures machines for applying temporary protective films for all types of surfaces such as aluminum, stainless steel, pre-coated metals, profiles, plastics, laminates, glass and car bodies.

Founded in 1974 in Lyon (France), the company which designed Somerra special machines quickly specialized in developing technologies to do this in the best conditions of quality, safety and productivity.

During these 40 years, Somerra has done hundreds of installations worldwide, falling constantly for new challenges by solving the problems more complex. Integrate into small spaces, integration into existing lines, manage speeds becoming faster, cut the film edge of the sheet or with an overhang, changing roll of film without production shutdown, cutting the film on the fly, and this by ensuring operator safety, the most perfect laying quality, and reliability to any test, which is our" trademark ".

Our research department has developed innovative solutions to allow the application of temporary protection films without wrinkles and without bubbles while adapting to the constraints of our clients by product type, speed of laying and integration in their production lines.

The Somerra research and development department continues its permanent search for innovations and numerous patents filed, to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow ...

Our Know-how, your solution


SOMERRA constantly pursues innovative solutions and is equipped with manual, semi-automatic and fully automated machines that offer options such as double-sided laminating, automatic cutting, product conveying and palletisation, film splicing during production (coil coating) or the application of film with overhangs (for the glass industry).

  • Glass laminator
  • Mettalurgy laminator
  • Profiles laminator
  • Laminates laminator
  • Uncoiling lacquer finish on reels
  • Automobile laminator

Somerra has developed several processes for bonding film that is reaching the end of its roll to the start of the next one. Bonding is allied to a turret system and can be carried out during production, as may be required in a coil coating line, for instance.


SOMERRA is equipped with a wide array of post-application cutting technologies. We can customize these solutions to suit your environment and needs, offering double-blade clear-cutting, hot wire cutting or ultrasound. Our design department has also developed a mobile automatic cutting system that fits into conveyor chain and enables continuous production with no dead time.


In order to ensure that our solutions are integrated seamlessly into your production lines, we offer to use our expertise in conveying products (sheet metals, profiles and more) after the application of protective film.

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