The simplicity and robustness.

With their welded structure almost « indestructible », the TS series of laminators allows use safely for a long time and with every little maintenance, single or double sided.


Construction on metal sheets frames thickness 15mm (0,6").
Protecting carters with access doors on control equipment.
1 Self-blocking unwinding chucks on the top (possible 3).
1 self- blocking unwinding chuck on the bottom.
Adjustable braking of the film coil unwinding.
Applying steel roller with grinded neoprene coating, according to a certain profile.
Hardness suited to your product.
Mounting on scaled rolling bearings.
Positioning control for application by pressure cylinders. Adjustable and visualised bearing pressure.
Deviation film steel rollers. Mounting on scaled rollers.
Control panel has touch screen.
Starting by means of a treadle.

Cell to detect the presence of a part.
Safety cell.
Side protection screen.
Ability unwinding: locking chuck inside diameter cardboard tube diameter 76mm (3"), coil diameter 300mm (12") max.
Simple application or double-sided.
Variable speed 0 to 40m / min.
Manual cutting.
Passage between two rollers: mini 0mm, 30mm (1,2") max.

Available in working widths, 1250 (50"), 1500 (60") and 2000 (80").
Other width on special order.
The machine complies with the provisions of Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

TS-SERIE - Semi-automatique film coating-machine
TS-SERIE - Semi-automatique film coating-machine TS-SERIE - Semi-automatique film coating-machine

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